BH a Primeira Vista

BH a Primeira Vista

Belo Horizonte - Capital da Hora do Planeta

Eleita pela segunda vez, capital é destaque em sustentabilidade



Created to coordinate the integration of government projects and support the 2014 World Cup events.
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Bus Terminal

Terminal Rodoviário Governador Israel Pinheiro
Belo Horizonte’s Bus Terminal of 45.5 thousand square meters has the capacity to attend to the demand of 17 million passengers per year. Each day, between arrivals and departures, it receives on average 35 thousand travelers.
The terminal has many services: Lost and Found, Customer Services, Security, Social Assistance, Parking, Restrooms, Judgeship for Minors, Baggage Storage and Post Office.
Praça Rio Branco, s/n - Centro

Tennis Club Minas’ History

The Minas Tennis Club was inaugurated on November 15th 1935 and is considered as one of the biggest social-sportive and cultural institutions of the country. Currently it possesses two urban units (Minas I and II), one country unit (Minas Country) and the Nautical Club Minas.

Pedaling through the streets of the capital with the “Mountain Bike BH” group

According to Lucas Moreira, the president, Mountain Bike BH was first started by bikers concerned about safety, through the exchange of information and their mutual experiences.  Besides joining the meetings, the members also promote and publicize cycling events throughout the year.  “Our group came out of nothing.

From BH to the world

It would be only a toy made with corn straw or leather and adorned with feathers, to be tossed around during the tribe’s rituals and festivals. But the Tupi Indians’ creation ended up winning fans around the world. The peteca (a type of shuttlecock) came to prominence at the Olympics in Antwerp, Belgium.


In the scenario of the Pampulha Lake, the image of the Jornalista Felipe Drummond Stadium, known popularly as Mineirinho, stands closer by the Mineirão as more one of the sports and architecture icons of Belo Horizonte.

Azure Passion


The fanatic is the supporter in the mad house. (…) The fanatic gets to the stadium covered by the team flag, painted face with the colors of the beloved t-shirt, holding shrill and potent objects and, and oh his way, he comes making a lot of noise and a lot of mess.(…)In epilepsy state he looks at the game, but doesn´t see it. Yours is the tribune (…).

Burning love in black an white

Atlético Mineiro

If there is a Black and white T-shirt  hanged in a clothes-line during a storm, the atleticano ( supporter of the Atlético Mineiro) stands  for the T-shirt against the wind.

Ah, what is to be ateticano? Is this a disease?
a madcap love?
a pagan religion ?
a blessing from the heaven?
Is it the big fortune?  
The first and only one commandment of the atleticano is to be loyal and
love the  Galo above all the other things...

Green Glories and Tears

American Green Love

[media1]American Green Love

I want to make a rally for you to 110 million Brazilians, I want to tell my brothers from the Oiapoque to the Chuí that I’ve never seen a Love like this, such as yourself, American green love

BH Opens its heart to the World Cup of 2014

The biggest pleasure of those who enjoy to host is to organize their house, put a fresh flower’s vase here, a new curtain there and to put everything in its place in order receive with tenderness the guest that is about to come.

In the case of a house as big as Belo Horizonte, that is preparing itself to host a World Cup in four years from now, the work one’s got to do is huge. We have to straighten our streets, organize the traffic, decorate the streets, reform our stadiums, close some deals and open a wide smile.


The capital is located near important touristic destinations such as the Rota Lund (Lund Route), with its precious archeological material and numerous caves, home of Luzia, the oldest fossil in the American continent. Right in front we have the Serra do Cipó National Park, a well-known spot for adventure tourism.

Surrounds Restaurants

A Fuego Lento
Rua Jequitbá , 50
Vale do Sereno
31 3213-2184
Bar do Marcinho
Rua Gorduras, s/nº
31 3581-3736

Frequent Asked Questions

What’s the weather like in Belo Horizonte?
The temperature in Belo Horizonte varies between 16º and 31º Celsius (61º and 88º Fahrenheit), with an average temperature of 21ºC (70ºF). Humidity is generally around 65% and yearly precipitation is on average 1600 mm (63 in), with most of the rainfall occurring between October and March.

Visas And Medicine

Some Countries do not require visa to Brazil, for tourism or business, for stays of up to 90 days (if necessary an extension may be requested at the Federal Police in Brazil). All the others countries not listed above must require a Brazilian visa in advance from the Brazilian Consulate or Embassy. 


Certified Hospitals with Bilingual Services
Belo Horizonte presents a variety of health services both public and private that attend the local population as well as visitors.
What follows is a list of the main emergency services and hospitals.

Eye Hospital Dr. Ricardo Guimarães

Tourist Information


Tancredo Neves International Airport
Rodovia MG-10 - Confins
31 3689-2557
Open daily from 8a.m.- 10p.m.

Centro de Referência Turística Álvaro Hardy - Veveco
Avenida Otacílio Negrão de Lima, 855 - Pampulha
31 3277-9987
Open from Tuesday –Sunday 8a.m.-5p.m.

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